One Merced Man arrested, one wanted for attacking dog with machetes | The Merced Sun-Star The Merced Sun-Star

One man was arrested Friday while another remained on the run after police said they tied a dog to a fire hydrant and attacked it with machetes.

Myron Patillo, 46, on suspicion of animal cruelty and robbery, Sgt. Robert Solis reported.

The second suspect, Aaron Carney, 29, was wanted on suspicion of animal cruelty in connection with the animal’s death, Sgt. Curt Gorman told the Sun-Star.

“Animal control helped euthanize the animal to help end its suffering,” Gorman said.

The incident was reported just after 10 a.m. at the corner of Austin Avenue and Conestoga Drive, police said.

One of the dog’s owners, 22-year-old Ralph Guerrero, said the violence was sparked earlier in the day when his dog and had a run in with a dog owned by Patillo.

Guerrero said the violence was as shocking as it was unnecessary.

“He was basically hunted,” Guerrero said. “He got chased down to the neighborhood he was at and got tied up to a fire hydrant and killed with machetes.”

He said the dog, a 1-year-old Siberian Husky named Lucious, was under the care of his girlfriend’s brother. A friend, whose name was not released, had taken the dog for a walk when an altercation occurred involving Lucious and another dog in the area of San Mateo Court.

Guerrero was not present during either incident and only learned about the violence later.

Merced police said Guerrero’s dog got into a fight with a dog owned by Patillo, and Patillo’s dog was bitten. Police said Patillo demanded money to treat his dog’s injury, but the request was refused.

A short time later two people, identified by police as Patillo and Carney, caught up with the the man walking Lucious at the corner of Austin and Conestoga. The two men got out of a vehicle, brandished machetes and took hold of the dog’s leash, which they tied to the fire hydrant and then attacked the animal.

Gorman called it one of the “most disturbing” attacks he’d seen in his more than 20 years in law enforcement.

Officers struggled early on to find witnesses willing to cooperate with investigators but eventually identified some who provided information. “We couldn’t have identified the suspects without the help of the public, it was really important,” Gorman said.

Guerrero said he felt bad the last moments of his dog’s life must have been terrifying and miserable. “That’s a scary situation. You got two guys coming at you and you’re tied up and can’t go nowhere, they have machetes,” Guerrero said, his voice trailing off.

Guerrero said he hopes the police are able to find those responsible for the brutal attack.

“I don’t want to say they should’ve finished (him), but to just leave him there suffering, you’re cold hearted,” Guerrero said. “ I feel like if you could do that to a dog, you could to that to anybody.”

Sun-Star staff writer Rob Parsons can be reached at rparsons.


Carney is described as a black male about 6 feet, 1 inches, about 180 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Merced Police Department at (209) 385-6905.Tips are confidential and callers may remain anonymous.

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