Instant whole house hot water recirculation system by Watts

I’m going to install this today. I will leave an update on how easy it is to install. Hopefully this saves a lot of water and not cost a lot of money to run. Please watch the video for installation instructions. If you want to get one click the homedepot link right here.



See blog write up and photo gallery at:

In this video he installs and reviews an instant whole house hot water recirculation system by Watts. The system is designed to cycle water from your water heater to a select faucet so that you have instant hot water at each faucet. If you pick a faucet that is the farthest from your heater you have a good chance that all your taps will have instant hot water. If that doesn’t work you can buy additional temperature controlled crossover valves kits for other faucets that are on different piping routes.

The system cost about $200 for one faucet and $50 for each additional faucet if needed. With the first crossover valve at my kitchen sink my daughter’s bathroom sink was also always hot but I had to buy a 2nd crossover valve for the master bathroom being it was on a different piping route.


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