Madera man injured in alleged DUI crash |

A 37-year-old Madera man was critically injured after being ejected from his SUV in a rollover while allegedly drunk on Avenue 21 near Road 31, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Public information officer Omar Godinez said Jay Andrew Everett was eastbound on Avenue 21 shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday when he lost control of his 2005 Dodge Durango, went off the roadway and struck a pistachio tree in an adjacent orchard.

“He was found ejected, and partially pinned under the wheels of the overturned SUV,” Godinez said. “He sustained major head trauma and other internal injuries — mainly from not wearing a seat belt and being ejected. He was taken to Community Regional Medical Center via Life Flight helicopter. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol at the hospital.”

Everett lived near the crash site, according to Godinez…

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One thought on “Madera man injured in alleged DUI crash |

  1. first off I would like to add your story has very inaccurate accountability for stuff I am NOT speaking on behalf of any of the Everett family but he had been drinking earlier that day he was not under the influence of any alcohol he had a. 1 alcohol level which is basically nothing and it’s ridiculous that you’re going to sit there and put him on blast about something like you have done his family has gone through a lot because they have just lost him he was leaving his house to go pick up his wife up the road after making his friends son a bottle cuz his son was at the house watching his friends son I am appalled and angered at the some of the stuff you have said about him that should have never been involved in this storyand also no one can prove he was not wearing a seatbelt or why he lost control of the vehicle because there was no reason for him to he had been at his house not even 5 minutes before with his son who we can tell you exactly what was going on before he left and that he was not drunk and again I am not speaking in anyway on behalf of the Everett and I would like you to write an accurate story about what happenedbecause I am very upset about what you have written and I know for a fact the Everett family does not appreciate this story being said the way it was just they will not speak out for themselves because they don’t want the problem of you guys writing another story about them being upset about something you said that was wrong to begin withand because they are not willing to speak up I am willing to speak up because you should not be tarnishing the good name of his family to begin with with an accurate accountability of what happened you should talk to the family and get the true story then write it


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