Shelter puppy stolen at adoption event in Madera, California by “gangster-type” – Chicago Pets |

Who is so low as to steal a young puppy from an adoption event? Well, in or near Madera, California there is just such a person. At an adoption event at the PETCO at 2140 W. Cleveland Ave, Madera, CA, a three-month-old, five pound Chihuahua puppy named Ebony was stolen out of the van. Ebony is a sweetheart. He is little with large upright ears, and he’s very affectionate. His Adopt-a-Pet page says he’s great with kids, dogs and cats.

The best description of the thief is that he was with a young boy, and he looked “gangster-like” and walked with a swagger. If you see this puppy with a person of this description, please call the Madera Police Department at 559-675-4200.

The puppy may have a collar with a house-shaped tag on it. The thief was further described as a “good-looking, tall Hispanic” guy with his grandmother and a child who was around seven years old.

Please share this so that the young puppy is found and can be kept safe. Obviously, whoever would steal a puppy is not someone who is going to take care of it. Please share if you have California friends, or share if you might have friends who know people in this area. The only way this puppy will be saved from what might be a terrible fate is if he is found.

Sharing saves lives. Please forward this article about Ebony your friends, family and coworkers. Even if you can’t help this dog, someone you know might be able to. Sharing only takes a moment; please do it for Ebony.

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