Bella Construction to Build Adera Solar Farm in Chowchilla, CA –

Bella Construction to Build Adera Solar Farm in Chowchilla, CA

Chowchilla, CA, August 02, 2015 –(– The large utility scale project, Adera Solar Farm, already underway near Fresno, Calif., in Madera County, will be managed, engineered and constructed by Bella Construction. This monumental venture in the heart of the fertile San Joaquin Valley is prognosticated to prosper immensely in Chowchilla, a city that is zoned for heavy industrial and commercial use.

With roots in California that are rapidly spreading nationwide, Bella Construction is a diverse project management company with expertise in renewable energy, public and private utilities, building schools and hospitals, road and bridge construction- just to name a few. Spearheaded by tycoon, CEO Kevin Haines who has increasingly become an important ally for the solar energy industry, having been widely attributed to developing modern residential installation practices having engineered many racking systems still used today.

“Simple and seamless yet sustainable and renewable.” -Kevin Haines on the transition from a society’s dependence on fossil fuels to clean energy.

Solar farms are instrumental in fighting climate change.
They replace millions in carbon dioxide emissions annually.
Create significant contributions to communities e.g. jobs.
Works in conjunction with agriculture.

With the inaugural date set for 12/15, the fully operational 26.5 megawatt commercial agriculture project known as the Adera Solar Farm will have the capacity to generate enough clean, renewable energy for 6,000 homes and has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by more than 30,000 metric tons per year.

In keeping up and fulfilling the ambitious 33 percent by 2020 goal, per the SBX1-2 signed by Governor Brown, the Adera Solar Farm under the administration of Kevin Haines -will in fact be promoting energy independence while expanding economic growth for agricultural commerce in Chowchilla.

Kevin Haines
Bella Construction
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Bella Solar
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(800) 841-0393

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