Two Strangers Meet in a life altering experience. One off duty Madera Police Officer and a young lady in desperate medical need. – City of Madera Police Department

On April 17th Officer Velasquez and Daisy Amezola shared a life changing experience. Neither of them were in the City of Madera, and they’d never met before. Officer Velasquez was off duty and had only been a police officer for a few months. Daisy suffered life threatening injuries in a single car accident on State Route 145 near Kerman. Officer Velasquez ran past several people watching the scene from their vehicles to provide emergency medical aid that Daisy credits with saving her life. Officer Velasquez left the scene when local authorities arrived, not knowing who Daisy was or where she lived. After several months of recovery she’s back home and doing well. A coincidence led to Daisy discovering the identity of the man who saved her.Today she finally met Officer Velasquez. After a few emotional hugs she thanked him and they spent some time getting to know each other. Daisy said it was nice to put a face to her hero. JA 3597.¬if_t=notify_me_page

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