Chowchilla Cemetery District superintendent resigns | The Merced Sun-Star

The Chowchilla Cemetery is being temporarily co-managed by staff members following the abrupt departure of its superintendent last month.

Dustin Mason, 26, resigned as the Chowchilla Cemetery District superintendent in mid-July. The reason for his departure is unclear and, according to cemetery personnel, Mason’s resignation was unexpected.

Since Mason left the position, office manager Michelle Sabin and grounds foreman Glenn Goethe have shared interim superintendent duties.

“So far it’s gone great, we haven’t had any problems,” Sabin said.

She said she relies on Goethe’s vast amount of knowledge because he has been working at the cemetery for more than two decades.

The Chowchilla Cemetery District board of trustees met Aug. 11 and decided not to immediately seek a replacement for Mason. Sabin said board members decided to wait and let her and Goethe do the job for awhile longer. She said the board did not set a specific time frame for when they will decide whether to seek a new superintendent.

Chowchilla Cemetery Board President Duff Bryant could not be reached for comment before press time.

Mason, who started in the industry in 2009 pulling weeds at the cemetery in Merced, became superintendent in Chowchilla in September. His exit comes as the cemetery is getting close to wrapping up construction of public restroom facilities. The project is the first step in a multiphase cemetery improvement plan. The other phases includes an outdoor shade pavilion and expansion of the hillside bunkers and cremation memorial niche.

The Chowchilla Cemetery District also recently joined many other cemeteries across the state offering a pre-arrangement plan, allowing people to pay for their plots and other burial expenses in advance.

The cemetery has existed in Chowchilla since 1946.

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