D.A. Forms Unit To Investigate Corruption In Madera County | Sierra News Online

MADERA COUNTY – District Attorney David A. Linn has announced the formation of a Political Corruption Unit (PCU) within the District Attorney’s Office. The purpose of the unit will be to investigate and prosecute corruption within all of Madera County’s governmental agencies, says Linn.
The unit will be headed by Captain Paul Hornick, formerly of the Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG), who will head the PCU and also serve as a line deputy.
“I made the decision a little over a month ago, and went after Captain Hornick,” says Linn. “After hearing complaints from irate citizens and department heads within the County, I decided it was time to move on this.”
The D.A. says one of Hornick’s first assignments will be investigating what Linn calls “an illegal transfer of funds” concerning a $30,000 raise approved by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Sept. 22, for Chief Administrative Officer Eric Fleming. The raise was deemed necessary by the Board to keep Fleming from taking a better paying job in Fresno County, but Linn says the use of funds is illegal, and has scheduled a meeting with one of the Board members to discuss the matter.
Linn says he is “proud to have an attorney of Captain Hornick’s quality serving as head of Madera County’s first Political Corruption Unit.”
Captain Hornick is licensed to practice law in both California and Florida. In addition to his JAG experience, he has served as an adjutant in the US Army, worked with the Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Immigration, US Department of Justice, US Secret Service, and the Office of the State Attorney.


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