Chowchilla attracts new retail businesses

Representatives from the City of Chowchilla traveled to the International Council of Shopping Centers Convention in San Diego to successfully attract new retail businesses to the city.

The “deal-making” event, held Sept. 16-18, brought retailers, developers, brokers, lenders, municipalities and property asset managers together under one roof to strike deals.

Chowchilla City Administrator Brian Haddix said this year’s event had “a certain energy” that was missing from prior years as the economy shows signs of a comeback.

At the event, Haddix, along with Chowchilla Mayor Pro Tem Waseem Ahmed and Public Works Director Craig Locke, met with numerous retailers and developers, taking away at least “four strong leads,” according to Haddix.

One of the attractions offered by the City is the deferral of developer impact fees until a business secures its certificate of occupancy, or as Haddix said,” we don’t charge money until the business makes money.”

Another incentive for businesses considering Chowchilla is the City’s expedited permitting process., Haddix added.

One business, Dollar Tree, not only agreed to open in Chowchilla, but will be breaking ground within the month, and Haddix said other businesses are scheduling visits to the city with a focus on developing in the downtown.

The key attraction for these retailers is three fold, Haddix said. “There is the fact that Chowchilla, a community of almost 19,000 residents, is poised to experience significant business and housing growth.”

Chowchilla is located at the crossroads of two major highways — Highway 152 serves as the gateway to Silicon Valley and Highway 99 links major cities in the San Joaquin Valley.

A number of businesses expressed interest in the high volume of cars passing through or by Chowchilla. The City’s main street alone, Haddix added, has over 11,500 cars per month driving by its stores.

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