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“Everybody is very anxious and excited to get it back open.” Says Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino Chief Operating Officer Christian Goode.

Bright colored slot machines flicker in the dark Chukchansi Casino. With a full resort pool ready to go and the floors polished, the only thing missing are the customers.

“The future is bright,” Says Goode “We expect it will be full of life sooner rather than later.”

Goode says he is optimistic the doors will be back open soon especially with the new seven member tribal council that was sworn in Monday night.

Just over a year ago the resort was forced to close after guns were drawn and brawl took place at the casino after an internal dispute over which faction actually had control over the casino.

“The faction issue is set to rest everybody had an opportunity to vote, the people voted, they have elected a new tribal council.”

Like goode, the county is eager to move forward with the newly elected council.

“I would like to see it before the first of the year, I mean they would like to see it before Thanksgiving, but that would be great we just have to get all these agreements going.” Says Madera County District 5 Supervisor Tom Wheeler.

Wheeler says the resort pays the county and owes them several million dollars and hasn’t been able to pay since the closure.

“Now that there is a new council in we will sit down with them we will get that worked out for security and fire and impacts on Madera County.”

After reaching out to the National Indian Gaming Commission on the process, Director Michael Odle released a statement saying “Our priority is to ensure the facility reopens under circumstances that protect the safety of patrons, employees, and tribal members and to that the issues which led to the closure in the first place are not repeated. From our standpoint there is no timeframe as to when this will occur.”

“The tribe has always said that the number one priority is to reopen the facility.” Says Goode.

Goode says there are 1000 employees waiting to get back to work any day now, but there is still no set date.

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