Madera Carpenter Brought In On Gun and Dangerous Driving Charges | Crime Voice

A man was booked in Madera Monday, October 19, on outstanding warrants from a violent, alcohol related accident that led to the unlawful discharge of a gun.

According to the official media report from the Madera County Department of Corrections, Miguel Cardona Jr., 32, was booked by department of corrections officers for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with a license suspended for a past DUI, hit and run resulting in property damage, criminal threats with intent to terrorize, being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, and negligent discharge of that firearm.

Cardona was booked into the Madera County Jail with bail for his combined charges at $525,000.00, including the surrender of 4 existing bonds from a previous booking. The suspect, who reports his occupation as a carpenter, lives in east-central Madera, just a few blocks from Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.

2007 booking photo

2007 booking photo

Available records show Cardona has been arrested multiple times on both DUI and weapons charges. In 2003, when he was 20-years-old, he was charged with driving under the influence causing bodily injury. He was booked under that charge again in March of 2004. In September of 2007 he was arrested for negligent discharge of a firearm.

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