Madera neighborhood hit by serial tire slasher |

Flat tires lined Ashlan Way in Madera this week. Most had to be quickly replace because folks needed to get to work.

Diana Blas says tires on two of her vehicles were cut and had to be replaced– a major expense and inconvenience. “I missed work, a whole day of work and I had to call towing, I had to call my insurance and file like a police report, a whole day, I spent like a thousand dollars that one day.”

Blas says more than a dozen of her neighbors had their tires slashed, though only eight filed police reports.

At the Goodyear Tire Store manager, Jesus Ramirez, told us he sees slashed tires every week, but there are more this time of year. “Actually, around this time of the year– I’d say November, close to December, the holiday season– we do see it a lot.”

Madera Police Sgt. Felix Gonzalez says it’s a good time to keep a watchful eye on your neighborhood. “Somebody who doesn’t belong in the neighborhood, acting suspiciously, lurking around, looking into cars,”

Police urge anyone who is vandalized with slashed tires, or anything else, to let them know where these incidents are occurring to help them catch those responsible.

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