Chowchilla High School Football: Seeds of Success?

High School Football: Sowing the Playoffs Seeds

Division IV: Central Valley Christian coach Mason Hughes strongly believed that his team should be considered for the No. 1 spot with their Central Sequoia Leaguechampionship, and Friday’s win over Immanuel only bolstered the Cavaliers’ case. Crichlow and the committee awarded CVC the No. 1 seed, giving Tulare County its best hopeful for a Central Section championship and a CIF regional championship participant. Kudos to Hughes and his staff, they have built a tremendous program over the past three years. I had CVC (8-2) projected to be the No. 2 seed behind Chowchilla(8-2), almost entirely based on the fact that Chowchilla defeated CVC 27-6 earlier this season. Calpreps still had Chowchilla ranked No. 1 (CVC was No. 2). But this was clearly a case of what have you done for me lately. Chowchilla lost 17-8 to Immanuel after its win over CVC. CVC couldn’t have picked a better time to take down Immanuel. CVC did have a notable edge in strength of schedule. Combined record of CVC’s opponents was 65-33, only No. 5 Madera South (5-5), had a stronger schedule ranking. Exeter’s impressive late-season run, which included a win over Dinuba, who defeated CVC, didn’t resonate as well as it should have in this space’s opinion. Exeter, which lost by three points to CVC, is the No. 7 seed. Major factor in that has to be the Monarchs’ 21-0 loss to Madera South on Sept. 18. So why did that head-to-head matchup figure more prominently than the CVC-Chowchilla contest? Who knows? Probably a case of CVC receiving more No. 1 votes than Chowchilla, who was tabbed as the No. 4 seed.

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