City of Chowchilla approves cost-saving utilities projects | Local News | Chowchilla News

The Chowchilla City Council has approved entering into an agreement with Johnson Controls Inc. to develop water and energy-efficiency projects. JCI analyzed all city operations and facilities and identified worthwhile cost-savings projects in the city’s general, water and wastewater funds. The proposed $9.8 million water and energy-efficiency project will be financed with the savings it generates, which are guaranteed by JCI.

One project example is to reduce the amount the city pays in energy costs by building solar panel arrays to supply electricity for both the wastewater treatment plant and the city’s water system, with current annual costs of about $200,000 and $400,000, respectively.

Other projects include changing city-owned streetlights to LEDs, which use a lot less electricity, and installing an electronic system to monitor water wells, which notifies city personnel of problems like reduced flow. That project could reduce overtime costs incurred with manually inspecting every well site. Other projects big and small are proposed that could produce substantial savings within a short time, the city says.

With the approval of the City Council, JCI will conduct a more detailed analysis of the proposed projects and determine the engineering costs, which will be added to the total project cost, including financing expenses once construction begins.

The City Council says it’s aggressively looking at ways to reduce operational costs to city facilities and at the same time work to upgrade aging systems with the intent of improving services, ensuring reliable facilities and amenities and providing substantial future cost savings.

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