Madera Supervisor David Rogers to run for 16th Congressional District seat | Fresno Bee

David Rogers, who currently represents District 2 on the Madera County Board of supervisors, announced Friday that he plans to run for California’s 16th Congressional District – the seat currently occupied by Democrat Jim Costa.

Rogers, whose district in Madera consists of about 28,000 people, served as chairman of the Board of Supervisors in 2015. The 16th Congressional District represents Los Banos, Merced, Madera and parts of Fresno.

Rogers filed paperwork to run for Costa’s seat back in March 2015 and said he’d make his final decision a month later, but that decision didn’t come until nearly a year later.

In 1991, Rogers, a Republican, was elected to the Chowchilla City Council. He would represent Chowchilla for eight years as a councilman, mayor pro-tem and mayor, according to his website. In 2010, he was elected to the Madera County Board of Supervisors.

“Our military budget needs to be adequately funded so that our military men and women don’t have to take welfare to support their families,” Rogers said. “We also need to ensure that our wounded vets get exactly what they deserve when they come home – our care.”

Costa’s seat in the 16th Congressional District has had some tough competition over the years, and he’s had some close calls and almost lost his seat in 2014 when he won by a slim margin of 50.7 percent to 49.3 percent.

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