Chowchilla police officer arrested in sex-with-minor case | The Merced Sun-Star

A 35-year-old Chowchilla police officer who has worked with schools was arrested Monday on suspicion of having sex with a minor, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Tyler Hormel was assigned as a school resource officer, but the alleged crime did not take place at any of the locations where Hormel was working, the Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

Few details were immediately available.

“This circumstance is still under investigation however there is currently no evidence that indicates that any of the alleged criminal conduct occurred while he was on duty or acting in an official capacity,” Sheriff Jay Varney said in a statement.

Hormel has been placed on administrative leave from the police department, deputies said.

Lt. Bill Ward said he could not comment on the number of alleged victims in the case or provide any details on the timeframe of the allegations. Ward reiterated that the alleged crime did not take place on any of the campuses where Hormel was working, but declined to say whether the alleged victim was a student at one of those schools.

Officials did not identify the schools where Hormel worked.

According to Merced Sun-Star archives, Hormel was assigned in August 2013 to be the campus resource officer for the Chowchilla Elementary School District and has been with the department for at least 12 years.

The Sheriff’s Office is conducting the criminal investigation and the city police department is also handling an internal inquiry, deputies said.

“This investigation has gone forward at the request of the Chowchilla Police Department and with their full cooperation,” Varney said.

Dave Riviere, the Chowchilla police chief, declined to comment on any details of the case.

“Unfortunately, this is all a personnel matter and we’re trying to deal with all of that right now,” Riviere told the Sun-Star.

The police chief said he would speak with the city’s attorneys before making any further comments.

Hormel was in the process of being booked into the Madera County Jail late Monday afternoon.

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