Chowchilla City Council limits watering to one day a week | Chowchilla News

The Chowchilla City Council recently voted to immediately limit outside irrigation to one day a week for properties in the city limits.

The city’s Public Works Department is encouraging residents to let the weather guide their watering schedule this winter. Even with the rain and snow, the drought is not over. It will still take a few years to replenish the groundwater sources that provide drinking water.

If residents feel they need to irrigate their property, they are asked to change the schedule on their sprinkler systems to shorter time periods, or simply shut down the system for the winter.

Cooler weather means less plant growth; therefore, less water is needed by lawns and shrubs. With the moisture received during the winter from dew, fog and rain, there is usually no reason to add extra water to plants. Excess water will not be absorbed by the plants but will run off into streets and down storm drains and be wasted.

Addresses ending with and even number can water only on Saturdays. Addresses that end in an odd number can water only on Sundays. Watering is allowed between 7 p.m. to 10 a.m. only.

Residents are encouraged to do just a bit more to help get through the drought by doing their part to save water.

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