Another suspect arrested for December 2015 Madera Murder | City of Madera Police Department


On 12/08/2015, Michael Martinez, a 21 year old male was shot in killed while walking with a friend on Madera Avenue in the middle of the afternoon.

On 12/15/2015, Eduardo Garza IV, a 19 year old male was arrested and has been charged with the homicide of Michael Martinez. A warrant for the arrest of Anthony Gomez, an 18 year old male was issued a short time later. MPD Officers have been continuously looking for Anthony Gomez who was believed to be on the run and aware that he was wanted for the murder.

On 03/03/2016, Anthony Gomez was located in Madera by Madera PD SIU Officers. He was arrested and booked at the Madera County Jail for murder. A female was also arrested at the time of Gomez’ arrest for harboring a fugitive.

The homicide is believed to be gang related.

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