Madera County jail inmates receiving tablets for education program |

Inmates at the Madera County jail are getting tablets. The Department of Corrections has launched a learning program utilizing the technology.

The educational program at the Madera County jail is getting smarter. The inmate population in Madera is now one month into a new tablet-based learning program called EDOVO.

“This is a way for them to prepare for a successful re-entry back into their communities,” said Chenault Taylor, EDOVO.

The Chicago-based company provides thousands of hours of content ranging from GED preparation to behavioral therapy– in four states.

“Inmates are engaged and excited and really focused on that learning, so facilities have decreased cases of violence,” said Taylor.

The tablets are connected to a secured wifi network and are only formatted to access the educational program. Users aren’t able to access social media or any other forms of communication.

“By utilizing the tablets you know, you become a better person. You’re using your stagnant time to do something with your life,” said Wade Gloston, incarcerated six years.

Glaston has nine months left on his sentence. The father of three said he’s planning on going back to school now that he has access to educational programs. But the tablets took time to get used to.

“I was mind blown. I’ve been locked up for six years, as soon as they said here’s your tablet, I was like, ‘this my first time touching a tablet, what the heck is this,'” said Glaston.

“Were addressing recidivism. I don’t want them coming back– that seems to be the way California has been for years,” said Chief Manuel Perez, Madera County Corrections

The EDOVO program is funded with AB109 dollars.

The correctional facility houses 416 inmates and around 80-percent get to participate. “It’s incentive based. The inmates have to meet me halfway– if they don’t conduct themselves in a manner that’s acceptable I’m not going to reward them with an education based tablet,” said Perez.

Madera is now one of three California counties implementing the program.

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