Sexual predator alleged to be teaching at Madera South High School

An alleged sexual predator, who has impregnated one teenage student and coerced her into having an abortion to cover it up, is currently teaching at Madera South High School, according to charges made during Tuesday night’s school board meeting by Leslie Swan, a former teacher at Madera South.

Swan, who taught for 14 years at Madera High South and later Madera South High School until she resigned in 2010, accused former school district administrators of a coverup, but specifically excluded the administration at Madera South.

“I have no criticism of any administrator at Madera South,” she said. “The decision to protect this man was made by district leadership.”

Swan claimed she “took multiple reports from students on the teacher who has a clearly identified and well-documented and classic pattern of luring young Mexican immigrant girls for sexual relationships.” …!Sexual-predator-alleged-to-be-teaching-at-Madera-South-High/cjds/574a15600cf2b585410fbe48


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