FRIGHTMARE FARMS is hiring for the upcoming season

Frightmare Farms is looking for highly energetic, hard working, fun loving Monsters and customer service individuals!

Join the fun and family of Frightmare Farms and you’ll have the most fun you can have legally terrifying other people! We are looking for people of all shapes, sizes and ages to work hard to give people the scare of their life. We’re also looking for individuals with crowd control/security backgrounds, makeup artists and parking attendants. There’s something for everyone at Frightmare Farms! Fill out the form at right and we’ll be in touch. Be sure to include any experience you may have in the field(s) you are applying for.

Also, please be sure to let us know if you have any tour guide/public speaking experience. We are looking for some bright, energetic attendants to make our hay ride and Zombie Raid experiences all the more fun!

Keep it scary!

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