Sex trafficking bust: Madera police say women were used as sex slaves | KMPH

Police say they’ve busted a prostitution ring in Madera. It’s something investigators say they’ve been working on for months.

It’s something they’ve been monitoring and working on collecting enough evidence so they could get a warrant.

Undercover video showed as many as 30 men a day walking in and out of that house.

Madera police say they went in with a search warrant Wednesday, arresting a pimp and man paying for sex. But investigators say, this operation was about more than just busting prostitutes and their Johns, it was about putting an end to sexual slavery.

Sgt. Josiah Arnold of the Madera Police Department, “We also saw the pimp moving girls to and from the bus station and we knew that they were rotating different people in and out of the house. Which is very similar to what we’ve seen in prior human trafficking situations.”

Arnold says, “These cases are very impact for us because often times the women are forced into sex slavery. We’ve received information that their families are under the threat of death in central and South America and we know that these women don’t chose to be here.”

Police say the men paying for sex are just as much to blame for what’s happening to those women as the kidnappers keeping them there.

Arnold says, “Just the Johns coming here, they’re as bad as the pimps, they’re basically paying for these women’s prison and allowing the crime to go on.”

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