Madera County Board of Supervisors will consider increasing their pay checks | Sierra Star

The Madera County Board of Supervisors will consider increasing their pay checks, and providing “longevity pay” for elected county department heads during a regular board meeting Aug. 23.

Currently, supervisors Tom Wheeler, Max Rodriguez, and David Rogers are paid $79,397 annually, while Rick Farinelli and Brett Frazier are paid $75,616. The salaries for Wheeler, Rodriguez and Rogers are based on 42% of what Madera County Superior Court judges make while Farinelli and Frazier’s pay is based on 40% of the judges salary.

The proposal is to raise the 40% to 50% for Farinelli and Frazier as supervisors with 0-5 years of service, and from 42% to 52.5% for Wheeler, Rodriguez and Rogers with more than 6 years. If the five board members approve the percentage increase, it would raise the salary for Wheeler, Rodriguez and Rogers to $99,246 and Farinelli and Frazier to $94,520.

If approved, the increases would take effect Dec. 1.

By comparison, county supervisors in Fresno are paid $113,425 (60% of Superior Court judges), Kern $105,059 (55%), Merced $100,059 (53%), Tulare $90,381 (48%), and Kings $74,009 (34%).

Supervisors will also consider longevity pay for six elected county department heads.

Those department heads include Sheriff Jay Varney (current salary $165,624), District Attorney David Linn ($174,252), Assessor Gary Svanda ($137,136), Auditor-Controller Todd Miller ($146,952), Clerk-Recorder Rebecca Martinez ($124,620) and Treasurer-Tax Collector Tracy Kennedy ($134,616).

The scale would provide a 5% increase to those amounts after five years of service, and an additional 5% after eight years of service. The elected department heads would be the last people in the county to receive the longevity pay if approved. A similar scale has been in place for the supervisors, with a one-time 5% increase after five years of service.

The recommendations are from Madera County Administrative Officer Eric Fleming. After a compensation study by Cooperative Personnel Services of Sacramento last year, it was recommended county salaries be adjusted to the median of surrounding counties.

According to Fleming, the study was done to make sure Madera County was being competitive with neighboring counties.

“We kept losing sheriff deputies, correctional officers, and other key positions to neighboring counties,” Fleming said. “We needed to do what we could to stop the exodus because we invest tens of thousands of dollars training these individuals and we lose that investment when they leave … not to mention the many benefits of keeping experienced, trained and seasoned employees.”

Supervisors implemented the portion of the study that covered all public safety positions in January and the reminder of the positions in July. Although the actual increases varied by position, on average, there was a 10% increase in salaries for all positions according to Fleming. The five members of the board of supervisors were the only people county-wide that did not receive a salary adjustment at the time.

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4 thoughts on “Madera County Board of Supervisors will consider increasing their pay checks | Sierra Star

  1. Why do they need so much money to live? If you can’t live on the salaries mentioned, something is definitely wrong with you. How many luxuries does any family need? Try living on a salary like the “average” working man. Seems to me there is too much greed. If they choose to go elsewhere, so be it……there will always be someone willing to take their place and I’m sure do just as good a job. Greedy, greedy, greedy!!!!!!


  2. I do not understand why elected officials can vote their on pay raise. This needs to be something voted on by the people! And yet there is never a petition to sign regarding that. This includes every political/elected official from the city, county state and on up. If they do get a raise, in my humble opinion, it should only be a COLA. Maybe it will have to take a grassroots movement to get something like this done away with. I would be happy to help, but due to health problems, I cannot lead out, but would be happy to sit and collect signatures. We can complain all we want, but WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to get much more proactive if this is going to change. It will not come from the top down, why would they want to change anything. I am greatful for this post and if they do pass themselves a pay raise, I would like to know who voted for it. Our economy is in the dumps. I was a nurse, until becoming disabled. The last 20 years I was a school nurse here in Eastern Madera County. I went to apply for my Social Security and was told I could not have any because of STRS, Even though I had paid into social security much of my life. I was tole told that the $19,000 I received from STRS WAS TOO MUCH to qualify for my SS. Now this article says they want to give themselves a $20000 pay raise, that is more then I was making and almost what I make now. I wonder if they will get their SS? But if we want changes we are going to have to make them


  3. Greedy, take names and vote them out, of course they will have already collected, these elected officials are never more united than when voting themselves benefits and raises.


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