Drugs, Stolen Property, and Rifle Found During Arrest | Madera County Sheriff’s Office

Drugs, Stolen Property, and Rifle Found During Arrest

Last Saturday, Madera County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a residence in the 19000 block of Avenue 18 in regards to a wanted person being detained by bail enforcement agents. While they were detaining the wanted person, the bail enforcement agents found processed marijuana, methamphetamine, and a semi-automatic rifle in the residence; they then called the Sheriff’s Office.

When Deputies responded they also found a stolen pickup truck and three stolen ATVs on the property. Additionally, there was a power bypass installed in an RV on the property to allow electricity to be stolen from PG&E. Deputies seized over 60 pounds of processed marijuana, over 520 grams of methamphetamine, an illegal assault rifle, and recovered the stolen vehicles. The power theft was estimated at over $1,000.

The wanted person, Gordon McCarty, was arrested and booked into the Madera County Department of Corrections for a felony warrant as well as narcotics possession charges, possession of an assault rifle, felon in possession of a firearm, and possession of stolen property.

“Drug production and sales has long existed hand in hand with thieves stealing your property”, stated Sheriff Jay Varney. “This case is an excellent example of the continuing connection between these 2 illegal activities. There is no expectation that retail legalization of marijuana will reduce this black market enforcement burden. The state of Colorado has experienced over a 70% increase in black market marijuana cases,” Varney stated.


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