Arraignment date set for former Chowchilla police officer accused of sex crimes |Chowchilla News

An informational arraignment has been set Sept. 2 for former Chowchilla police Officer Tyler Hormel.

At a preliminary hearing held Aug. 12, Hormel, 35, was held to answer to charges of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor, including two counts of forcible rape, and three counts of unlawful sexual acts with a minor under the age of 16. He has also been charged with having an unlawful relationship with a minor.

At the preliminary hearing, Madera County sheriff’s Detective John Grayson said he had been told by a lieutenant that a 14-year-old girl reported that an officer had molested her. Grayson said the incident began on Christmas Eve 2015, when Hormel was giving the girl a ride home from Valley Children’s Hospital.

Grayson reported, according to the victim’s testimony, on the way home Hormel pulled over somewhere between the hospital and the house and molested her. Grayson also reported the victim claimed she was forcibly raped in January.

The alleged victim was Hormel’s foster daughter.

Hormel was arrested in February at a mental hospital in Sacramento.

Hormel had been with the Chowchilla Police Department for about 12 years. In August 2013, he was assigned as the campus resource officer for the Chowchilla Elementary School. The alleged crimes did not take place on any of the school campuses where Hormel worked.

The Sheriff’s Office conducted the criminal investigation, and the city Police Department handled an internal inquiry investigation, which led to Hormel being fired.

The defense is being led by attorney Michael McKneely. The prosecution is being led by Deputy District Attorney Traci Wise.

Hormel remains in custody at Madera County Jail.

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