Chowchilla High holds onto Redskins name for now |

It’s out with the old and in with the new for two Central Valley schools who were forced to get rid of their Redskins mascot. It’s because of a new California law taking effect in January and two schools have already made the change, but there’s one school that is holding out until the very end.

The start of football season at Chowchilla High School continued with the old tradition of being known as the Redskins. However, the school will soon have to take pride in a new mascot name. This comes after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill last year requiring any public school with the Redskin brand to phase it out by January of 2017.

Gustine High School and Tulare Union High School have already made the switch, but Chowchilla High School has not.

Superintendent Ron Seals said in a statement to Action News they are waiting to do it because of the school’s 100th anniversary and he wants alumni coming in October to have the opportunity to voice their ideas.

Chowchilla Athletic Foundation president Derek Sissom said it was also a decision to help savor the school’s legacy for those traveling far for the reunion.

“Everyone’s coming back for that weekend,” he explained. “We all get to be Redskins and root for Redskin football that Friday night.”

The hold up, though, is creating a little bit of a challenge for Ernesto Vega who owns the town’s sporting good store.

“It’ slowed down some of the business because some of the customers are holding off on purchases on what is going to be the new mascot especially students,” Vega said.

And some of those students are just hoping whatever name is chosen is a little bit of the old kept with the new.

“I don’t know what they are going to do,” student Jose Ramirez said. “Hopefully, we can just keep the Redskin thing but just change the name.”

The district plans to make a decision on what the new mascot name will be at the school board meeting on November 7.

Until then people can submit suggestions online, here.

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