Chowchilla students get lesson about American heroes |

First and second graders in Chowchilla got an important lesson in history Friday outside of the classroom. It’s Patriot Day at Fuller School in Chowchilla.

Donning red white and blue, hundreds of first and second graders honored our country and the veterans who served it. They also learned about 9-11.

“The police officers, the Army men and the firemen,” first-grader Noah Soliz said. “They helped us protect our country.”

September 11, 2001 was the day our country vowed to never forget but these kids weren’t even born.

“We’re hoping that if we instill in them a sense of patriotism and a sense of what’s happened before them to make them free and to make their rights that they have that if we can instill it in them young they’ll continue that,” teacher Tricia Placencia said.

Just 19 days into school each class recited parts of our nations history, including the preamble, JFK’s inaugural address and Martin Luther King’s, ‘I have a dream’ speech.

“I had to hold back tears,” Manuel Inacio with the Air National Guard said. “It’s pretty neat. You hear about it a lot where people stop honoring the flag. What’s going on with people taking knees at games?”

Inacio is a Fuller parent and veteran. He is on active duty for the Army National Guard and served 18 months in Iraq. He’s beaming with pride after watching his son Carter sing God Bless America.

“My parents sacrificed a lot to get here,” he said. “So, I want my son to know that he’s given these freedoms because of what his forefathers have done.”

It’s a lesson he’s glad is being reinforced in school.

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