Residents of Madera neighborhood on edge after string of burglaries |

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) —
A string of recent burglaries is worrying a Madera neighborhood. In the last six months, almost a dozen homes broken into with the most recent burglary on Sunday.

Imagine leaving home to go to work, and coming back to find your belongings gone. That’s what many neighbors living in one Madera neighborhood have experienced recently as several of the homes have been burglarized in the last couple of months.

We spoke to one victim who said he came home to find a lot of his stuff gone. He said it is scary to see this happening in the neighborhood so often.

Neighbors said it’s been one house after another, after another. The string of burglaries near Kennedy and Chapin has neighbors on edge. One neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said the houses on both sides of her home have been broken into– she fears she could be next.

“We have to figure a solution to stop this for our kids, for our safety.”

Police do not have a suspect yet, but hope more residents come forward with tips.

“Based on reviewing some of the reports, a lot of them were forced entries. It’s quite possible it could be the same suspect, we just need further information to say that’s the case,’ said Sgt. Felix Gonzalez, Madera Police Department.

Juan Garcia was not a victim himself but has lived in the area for more than seven years.

Garcia said, “We were never worried, but lately, there’s been more burglaries, and now it’s worrying us.”

Police said the investigation is ongoing. Neighbors said they’re scared a break-in will happen while they are home.

“Me and my daughter are sleeping and they think no one is there, they’re going to hurt us once they find out someone is there. That’s really scary,” said one neighbor.

Police said if any resident has any information, to call the department. They also ask residents to keep an eye on their surroundings and report any suspicious activity.

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