Residents disturbed after discovering burnt animal remains in Madera

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) —

A Fresno couple made a disturbing discovery Friday when they find multiple burnt animal remains dumped on the side of the road.

“It’s heartbreaking to see in person,” Yvonne Wilson said.

Wilson found the remains of a dog on Friday which was burned on the side of the road in Madera.

“You could still see the face,” she said. “You could still see bone structures. It was obviously a small dog. It had been badly burned.”

It was found feet away from the train tracks near Avenue 15 and Santa Fe Drive on Saturday and even the evidence of what likely was used to scorch the dog was left behind.

“In fact, there were several, like five or six butane cans spread out over the entire scene,” Wilson said. “You know right away that this was not an accident. Butane cans don’t just show up in the area.”

Yvonne and her husband Casey said it was not just one dog. They found multiple burned animal skeletal remains spaced out along a half-mile stretch of road.

“The other ones were like unrecognizable,” Yvonne said. “You could see bones. You could see paws, heads, goat skulls.”

Last year, the couple took these photos of a very similar scene. So for them, seeing it again, raises questions and concerns.

“Literally, they are being tortured,” Casey said. “They are being harmed in such a way that is brutal and it needs justice for it. So yeah, it’s very disheartening – a year later, identical.”

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