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Eric-Griffin-principal-Stephens-School-in-Chowchilla-and-his-mom-is-a-North-Fork-teacher-223x300.jpgNORTH FORK — In a clear case of local guy makes good, Eric Griffin, 28, has been named Principal of Stephens Elementary School in Chowchilla. The Sierra High and Cal Poly SLO graduate lives in Clovis now, but he was raised in North Fork, and his parents are local teachers, as well.

Principal Griffin’s first day on the job at Stephens was Thursday, Nov. 10, following the medical retirement of the school’s former leader.

Prior to his appointment at Stephens, an all-kindergarten school of just under 260 children, Griffin was a 7th grade teacher at Wilson in Chowchilla, instructing students in multiple subjects and reading intervention. Before that, he was at Fuller Elementary in the same town, teaching second grade. Griffin began his career in education teaching kindergarten in Madera for three years.

Being surrounded by little kids and their teachers all day is Griffin’s happy place.

“It’s wonderful!” he says. “They love everything: life, school, teachers, me. The discipline issues are fairly minor and it’s great to have a single grade level school because, from a professional standpoint, we can make decisions pretty quickly because all the kindergarten teachers in the district are here. We can do development and collaborate together.”

Griffin’s mom Terrie teaches kindergarten in North Fork, and his dad Casey instructs middle school and is a teaching coach. They have a younger son, Ethan, who is a student in Oregon. The Griffins are understandably proud of Eric’s new role, and Principal Griffin is grateful for his circumstances.

“I am very thankful to the district,” he says. “They put a lot of faith in me and have given me a really great opportunity to work in such a wonderful place.”

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