Strangers get Christmas gift from Madera County Sheriff’s Office | KMPH

Thank you Madera County Sheriffs Department and Agriland of Chowchilla.

Madera County Sheriff’s deputy Josh Cushing spent this Thursday on patrol searching for people who would make Santa proud. Tonya was walking back to her apartment after buying a few Christmas toys to help out her cousin. “So if you don’t mind here’s a little gift on behalf of the Sheriff’s Department and Agriland. Really? Absolutely. Wow I’ve never been this lucky.”

Tonya wasn’t aware she was on the nice list. Of course she gave Deputy Cushing a hug before hitting the road. “You have a blessed day and Merry Christmas to all you guys.”

The Sheriff’s Office and Agriland Farming Company of Chowchilla provided gift certificates to deserving people in the county. At times Deputy Cushing kept his presentation short but there was always time to to a picture with the family.

At a Madera motel where a family of four is living, one of the children became concerned about a deputy talking to his Dad. “He has to give the dispatcher some information that’s all. Nope, Dad’s not in trouble. Making sure.” The deserving Dad got a gift certificate and his son quickly discovered there’s nothing to worry about.

Deputy Cushing says he got into law enforcement to make a difference daily. He called Thursday’s assignment “icing on the cake” especially seeing smiles on deserving people’s faces three days before Christmas.

The deputy spent six hours handing out gift certificates to people on Sheriff Jay Varney’s nice list.

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