INDUCEMENTS FOR SETTLERS. What Madera Has to Offer Those Seeking Homes.

Great article enticing settlers to come to Madera from December 28th, 1901

Madera Mercury, Number 43, 28 December 1901

INDUCEMENTS FOR SETTLERS. What Madera Has to Offer Those Seeking Homes.

If good climate, rich soil and a profitable return for one’s labor, are inducements for those looking for a locality in which to make a home, Madera should be selected as the place where all of these things can be realized. Madera, without doubt, has the finest soil, the best climate and the opportunities to offer to the man who must earn his bread by the sweat of his brow. Madera is the most enterprising town in the San Joaquin Valley. The town is happily situated in the middle of the great San Joaquin Valley, and as there is a good fall to the river for the purpose of drainage the health of the inhabitants is good. The buildings are substantial brick and wood structures. A complete sewer system carries off the sewage into the Fresno river, a few miles from town. A new granite court house hast just been erected. There are churches of all denominations here, and the schools will compare favorably with those of any part of the State. There are many fraternal insurance lodges here, nearly every order being well represented. The field for labor is a good one, the orchards, vineyards and packing houses give employment to many at remunerative rates. But that is not all. The mountains that furnish timber which is converted into lumber give employment to hundreds. The Madera Sugar Pine company’s mills are the largest on this coast and give employment yearly to hundreds of wage earners who make their homes here and add to the prosperity of the town. A new enterprise which will add to the wealth of the community has lately been started. The Pacific company’s match factory is in operation and will employ from 30 to 50 people. This is the only factory on the coast making parlor matches and as the field for the dispensing of the product is large there is no reason why the enterprise should not be a success. Other enterprises are talked of and it is not any too much to predict that in the near future smoke will be issuing from the chimneys of many factories. There is no boom but a steady growth and the price of land has not been put up out of the reach of the toiler. Lots can be secured for little money and houses can be built cheaply, for the price of lumber is very reasonable. To the dwellers in the east whose eyes are turned westward, Madera offers many advantages. The industrious man who comes here, even though he has but little means, need not fear that be will be unable to earn a good living for himself and family.

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