Man robbing people through letgo app, police say | KMPH

SANGER, Calif. (KMPH) – Police are looking for the man they say is responsible for stealing phones from two different people in just a matter of hours.

They say it happened when the men were trying to sell their phones through the app letgo.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes; this never happened to me,” said Omar Khan.

What started off as a typical meet-up to sell an iPhone quickly went wrong for Khan.

“I was like, I told my sister, ‘You know, something is fishy about this dude,'” said Khan.

Khan says the suspect, who goes by the name “Lee Money,” reached out to him on letgo. He wanted to buy an iPhone 7 for $750, but when they met up at Khan’s house Thursday afternoon, Khan says Lee Money pulled out a gun.

“‘Give me the phone. I’ll shoot you. Give me the phone, n*****. I’ll shoot you.’ That’s all he said,” said Khan.

Khan says the suspect then snatched a different iPhone and took off in a car around the corner.

Another man named Erick reached out to Fox26, saying he had also exchanged messages with Lee Money through the same app.

Erick says he met Lee Money in a parking lot near West Ashlan Avenue and North West Avenue in Fresno to sell him an iPhone 6. But he says when they started talking, the suspect grabbed the phone and took off.

“It could happen anywhere to anybody,” said Khan.

As for Khan, he says he’s just lucky to be alive.

“I think he was on a mission. I hope he gets caught,” said Khan.

Police say Lee Money was last seen in a silver Toyota Solara. If you have any information, you’re asked to called Sanger Police at 559-875-8522.

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