Madera Ranked #1 Nationally for Short Term Job Growth | KMJ

FRESNO, CA (KMJ)- The Madera Metropolitan statistical area (MSA), which includes most of Madera County, has been ranked #1 in the nation for short term job growth (8/2015-8/2016) in a small city and #61 for 2016’s best performing small cities in a report published by the Milken Institute

Madera is one of eight small cities in California listed in the national ranking of 200 and has held a ranking on the prestigious list since 2010.

Madera’s biggest industries are Tourism and Agriculture.

While the on-going drought hampered growth for Ag., tourism added 1,500 jobs when Chukchansi Casino reopened its doors after a 14 month closure.

freedom-park-maderaPhoto: Liz Kern

There was also growth in the manufacturing and commercial sectors. A new manufacturer, Deerpoint Group, (pictured above) built and opened a new facility adding 100 jobs to the local market and several small commercial businesses opened around the county including Dollar Tree in Chowchilla.

“With the addition of new industries coming into Madera County over the past few years coupled with the growth and expansion of several local companies, there has been hundreds of new jobs created.” -Bobby Kahn, Executive Director, Madera County Economic Development.

Nearly three years Madera County has maintained a 1% or less vacancy rate for industrial space.

“It is really gratifying to receive these positive rankings. With new projects on the horizon, Madera will continue to be recognized.” -Julie Herd, Marketing and Business Development Manager, MCEDC.

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