Chowchilla murder victim’s family seeks answers in 10-year-old case | The Merced Sun-Star

It’s been 10 years since 30-year-old Jennifer Flores was shot to death in Chowchilla, and her family members still have more questions than answers.

Flores was shot and killed March 30, 2007. The man police named as the prime suspect eventually was freed due to a lack of evidence. The case remains unsolved.

Flores’ family and friends gathered at her grave site Thursday in the Plainsburg Cemetery to commemorate her death and decorate her headstone for Easter.

Her father, Louie, died three years later from heartbreak over the tragic death of his youngest daughter, the family said. He’s buried next to Jennifer.

“We’re still hopeful that we’ll get answers,” said Annisa Flores Lopez, Jennifer’s sister. “At this point, we just want closure and justice for her.”

“I know she wouldn’t stop if it was us in there,” Flores Lopez said, pointing at her sister’s grave.

Flores was shot in the head at the Greenacre home she shared with her live-in boyfriend, James Edward Curry, Sun-Star and Fresno Bee archives show. Curry reported her death as a suicide and was present when police arrived. Police said more than one shot was fired from the Smith and Wesson .357 magnum handgun found at the scene.

At the time, former Madera County District Attorney Ernest LiCalsi said Flores was killed in retaliation for her cooperation with investigators in a child abuse case involving Curry. She was found dead the day after she appeared in court.

But a Madera County judge ruled months later there wasn’t enough evidence against Curry, who had an alibi. Details of the alibi were not made public. The charges against Curry were dismissed.

Chowchilla police Chief Dave Riviere said he’s familiar with the case.

“As with every homicide, we would continue to investigate as leads develop,” he said.

Madera County Sheriff Jay Varney, who was the Chowchilla police chief at the time of Jennifer’s murder, did not return calls from the Sun-Star. Investigators with the Madera County District Attorney’s Office also did not return calls.

The Sun-Star was unable to reach Curry for comment by telephone.

Curry and Jennifer co-owned the Chowchilla Pizza Factory. Curry was a former Canadian Football League player and sales representative for two Merced radio stations. His relatives described him as a good family man.

On Thursday, the Flores family said every holiday without Jennifer is painful.

“Jennifer made things special,” Flores Lopez said.

“She was the family’s rock,” said Corina Flores, also a sister. “Nothing is the same without her.”

The family urged anyone with information about the case to leave a tip with the Chowchilla Police Department.

“If anyone knows something, say something,” Flores Lopez said. “Give us the answers we’ve wanted for years.”

Anyone with information about the case can contact the Chowchilla Police Department at 559-665-8600.

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