City leaders in Chowchilla planning for future with major development project |

Location, location, location– while that is typically a sell for starting a business this is one of the biggest draws city leaders in Chowchilla are using to attract big names.

While he can’t divulge the companies he’s in talks with, City Administrator Brian Haddix said close proximity to major highways, ports, and cost of land are what will help Chowchilla thrive.

“You can get a good start on a good piece of land for a lower entry cost.”

The City Council voted to approve developing a plan for the industrial area that spans more than 2,000 acres that runs along Highways 152 and 99.

“A few hundred acres already has industrial development, but the rest was annexed into the city– and has been sitting as agricultural land,” said Haddix.

The 13 to 15 land owners have already voiced what they want to see, including e-fulfillment, industrial, and processing centers. Over the next 10 months they will be designing the plan with development firm Q-K. It will be similar to the model Turlock used.

“It’ll lay out where all the artillery collector roads. It’ll lay out wet and dry utilities where there will be water sewer,” said Haddix.

Then they will get into design guidelines and appearance of buildings. This is one of a number of projects gaining momentum, including housing, retail and a downtown revitalization.

In addition to the development plan the idea is to partner with the community college to build a local workforce.

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