Madera County couple left picking up the pieces after renters turn home into drug house |

A bedroom turned grow operation is a sight Holiday Manly can’t comprehend.

“We don’t even know where to begin or what to do.”

On Wednesday morning, Manly said authorities found more than 400 pot plants in her home. She said renters tore apart the ceiling for ventilation, added another room in the garage, and even rewired the electrical system.

“They cut a hole in the wall in the master bedroom and went through the wall to the electrical panel to bypass the meter.”

Closets were destroyed, doors completely removed, and mold is growing from the ceiling. The damage to her is shocking, but Manly said the betrayal is worse.

“They were excellent renters, they were friendly, they paid their rent on time– sometimes early– they never complained about anything so we thought everything was fine.”

Manly said one man, who she believes was guarding the home, was arrested. But she said the couple who rented from her were not in the area and not yet in custody.

“I’m very disappointed that people like them who seem so honest would be doing something like this behind our backs,” said Manly. “They thrashed our house and we trusted them to live here.”

There is so much damage and the homeowners don’t know if their insurance policy is going to cover all of the repairs. If you would like to volunteer and donate your time to help them restore this home go contact them at the email below.

CONTACT TO HELP: hlmanly://

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