Known Bulldog gang member shot and killed by police after gunfire exchange | KMPH

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Salvadro Alfredo Pablo Lopez, a known gang member, was shot and killed by police after a confrontation in northwest Fresno Wednesday morning.

Police say neighbors heard gunshots from a detached shed behind a home near Dakota and Fruit at 3:30 in the morning.

Officers at the scene saw the bullets hit homes and cars around them as the man shot at the street from inside the shed.

Officers called out a SWAT team, but before the SWAT team arrived the man with a rifle confronted officers and tried to walk toward the street.

He was shot multiple times by officers in the backyard and died around 4:40 in the morning.

Police do not know his criminal history, but he is in their system as a known gang member. Dyer did not identify him.

Police do not have a motive. Chief Jerry Dyer said it appeared to be an isolated incident.

Dyer said that before the shooting started, a neighbor heard him say, “It’s time to end it all.” Police are not sure what that meant.

He was found with a rifle and a handgun.

He was not firing at anyone specific person or at people inside the home with the shed. Police said a dog was shot and later died.

Police say he may have fired anywhere from 75 to 100 rounds before he was shot by police. Police said there were boxes of ammunition found inside the shed. More guns were also found inside the shed. Police say he had been allowed to stay in the shed for a few days by the people who lived inside the home.

The officer with a rifle fired 8 rounds at the man, and the officer with the handgun fired 4 rounds.

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