Is Starbucks coming to Madera County government center? | KMPH

The Madera County government center may soon be the newest home for Starbucks coffee. The coffee idea began percolating a couple of years ago. Five-hundred county employees expressed in a survey that they would support a coffee kiosk in the government center building. Tuesday the idea will be put to a vote.

The lobby in the Madera County government center is very spacious and big enough to easily fit a coffee kiosk outside the board of supervisor’s chambers. Supervisor David Rogers supports the proposal. “A place where they can come and sit and enjoy coffee in their meetings or their break and none of it would be paid for with taxpayer dollars is our idea.”

Supervisor Rogers says the food service company Aramark would provide the $200,000 dollars to create the coffee kiosk. The county would have six years to repay Aramark through coffee sales. The county would use capital improvement money which Rogers says can’t be used for police or fire to pay its’ share of the start-up costs. “We still feel it’s recoverable and the whole idea is to do it without taxpayer dollars.”

Rogers believes the employee survey speaks for itself and is confident the coffee kiosk will be a hit. “It’s an investment in a break room and the employees and people who use the break room pay off the investment.”

While he supports the idea he’s not sure about the rest of the board. Supervisors will vote on the coffee kiosk proposal Tuesday morning.

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