Police investigating after woman shot and killed in Madera | abc30.com

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) —
A family is grieving after a mother was shot and killed at the doorstep of a Madera apartment early Monday morning.

The woman has been identified as Latisha Logan. The family says they were told she answered a knock on the door and was shot when she opened it.

Several family members say they had just seen Logan the day before the shooting for her birthday, and police are continuing to investigate as the family desperately waits for any sort of closure.

“They robbed her of seeing me walk across the stage, seeing my brother walk across the stage, seeing my sister walk across the stage,” her daughter Alisha said. “They robbed us. They robbed my whole, entire family.”

The Madera family is devastated after 37-year-old Latisha Logan was shot dead at her doorstep. Madera police say they were called to an apartment complex on 701 North Granada Dr. after they received a call of shots fired.

They found Logan with a gunshot wound, where she died at the scene.

“My mom did not deserve that,” Alisha said. “She did not. She deserved years upon years of life. It was not her time to go.”

Her family is still in shock and her father Michael Logan says the last time he saw his daughter was on Sunday, which was also her birthday.

He says, before she left, he wished Logan a happy birthday and told her he loved her.

“It hurts, that hurts,” he said. “That’s my last one, makes me angry. I got to keep it under control.”

It’s a smile that Logan’s family says she wore often, and they say she was happy and giving. Police are continuing to investigate the motive behind the shooting while her family waits for answers.

“Justice,” Michael said. “That’s what I want right now, justice.”

According to Madera police, no arrests have been made yet. However, if anyone knows or saw anything, you’re asked to call them.

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