Card Skimmers In California: Here’s How To Spot Them – Larkspur, CA Patch

Skimming devices to capture data on ATM and credit cards are a frequent problem throughout California, leaving residents wondering what they should be looking for to protect themselves when paying electronically or withdrawing cash. With these reports of skimmers at outdoor ATMs and gas stations come many questions, so Patch has tips to help you keep your money safe.

In California, the FBI recently charged more than a dozen people allegedly connected to a large skimming ring in SoCal. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department has apparently seen so many cases that it issued a reminder to the community “…to be careful whenever using their credit or debit cards for gas or to withdraw money from ATM devices.”

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department in April reported a case at a bank ATM in Victorville, releasing the above photos of the device found there.

Now, let’s go over the basics: What exactly is a card skimmer? It’s a small device that affixes to a card reader allowing a thief to illegally collect the credit and debit card information of unsuspecting customers. Most commonly, card skimmers are put on ATMs, gas station pumps or self-checkout machines.


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